About SAGO Incubator


We are on a mission to strengthen our food entrepreneurship ecosystem, enhance our F&B entpreneurs’ skills to grow their food business and to make Sarawak a global food destination.

SAGO Incubator is an 10-week intensive incubator programme for early-stage foodpreneurs who are ready to grow their food business. The programme is jointly organised by The Hills Kuching, WAT Sarawak and Retrospective Discovery LLP with the support of our Implementing Partners.

Background Information

Although the food and beverage (F&B) services industry is a significant job creator and contributor to our economy, the industry has also faced multiple struggles including stiffer competition, low margins, lack of skills to digitalise and struggle with business know-how to adapt and compete with new digital innovations such as food delivery, online marketplace and cloud kitchen.

Leveraging on our strength and expertise, The Hills Kuching, WAT Sarawak and Retrospective Discovery joined forces to explore how can we incubate a new generation of foodpreneurs with the right skills and experience to scale their food business and succeed in the digital economy. Kuching’s recent recognition as a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy is a testament that there is a lot of potential to transform and further grow our F&B services industry. From our variety of unique native ingredients to our talented homegrown foodpreneurs, the F&B services industry has potential to further innovate and the ecosystem to can be further strengthened.

We are on the lookout for talented up-and-coming foodpreneurs to join us on an 11-week learning experience from some of the best Chefs, foodpreneurs, business coaches, experts, thoughtleaders and key influential figures in the industry. 

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