Alan Soo

alan soo
founder, alfresco kuching

In December 2011, Alfresco was established to be the new gathering spot for everyone to hang out and enjoy great food in an open air environment, hence the name Alfresco.

Celebrating the love for western food, Alan Soo went on to make Alfresco a hit with the market for anyone who wanted to celebrate their special occasions at a wholesome environment. Alfresco are amongst the early ones who popularised the chicken chop dish for the locals.

Alan created an environment where everyone can celebrate any occasion for all customers needs, from proposals to birthdays, even to corporate dinners and business presentation meetings. Alfresco is equipped with plenty of spaces and facilities to fit various pax for any customer needs.

His passion about food is unprecedented. Quality and taste is at the upmost importance in Alan Soo’s rule book. With any new product, they are tested, researched, sourced and fitted into a large scale production to ensure the taste is always at a great standard.

With 11 years of history, Alan continues to elevate Alfresco because it’s really beloved by all families. The restaurant to enjoy local western cuisine, as represented by their slogan: It’s Family Food Time, Only at Alfresco.