Chef Achang Libat

chef achang libat
consultant chef

A mix of Kayan and Lun Bawang, Chef Achang Libat hails from Kuching, Sarawak. 

He moved to Sydney, Australia to work with renowned Belgium chocolate franchise, Guylian. He later joined Balcon by Tapavino, a Spanish Tapas restaurant. 

Never one to shy away from challenges, Chef Achang enjoys creating local cuisine with his own unique culinary twist. He did his first commercial culinary installation in 2018 at HAUS Kuching called ‘Reimagine’, an exploration of local and traditional flavors, with unconventional methods. His creativity and boldness with taking local cuisine to new heights landed him another installation at Rainforest Fringe Festival, “Plating the Wild.” 

He is passionate and driven by his background and heritage to continuously innovate not only on tasteful local dishes but also highlighting unforgettable dining experience.