Jasbir Kaur

jasbir kaur
spice ranee
Masterchef asia finalist

Jasbir Kaur is the runner up of MasterChef Asia 2015. She has successfully run her restaurant  THAALI in Kuching from 2017 to 2019. Due to COVID 19 she decided to direct her attention to other ventures. She now runs a successful catering business which keeps her busy.

She is 62 years old and still is very active in her ventures. She believes that an active mind is a useful mind. Over the years, working experiences have helped nurture and mould her into a strong willed and smart working woman. Having lived in Sarawak for the last 36 years she has learned so much about the people  and their desires.

Jasbir is a trained MONTESSORI teacher who operated a kindergarten in Miri for more than 10 years. She is also trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She also holds a Diploma in Private Secretarial Skills from Stamford College, Singapore. She has used her skills in these areas to conduct small courses in Communication Skills. Since being a part of MasterChef Asia she has shifted her skills to cooking, conducting cooking classes and promoting Sarawakian cuisine to as many people as she meets. Attitude towards learning is crucial to learning new skills.

Over the last couple of years she together with a few wonderful ladies have been promoting Sarawak cuisine. We have been to Hong Kong, Singapore and many parts of Malaysia. She has also been a part of the Malaysian International Food and Beverage fair for 2 years. Also at Superfoods Singapore doing food demonstrations of Sarawakian cuisine. This year too she will be at these 2 fairs. She has been invited to conduct cooking classes for Instant Pot and Air Fryer later this year.