Welly Kwok

Welly kwok Founder, howdy grillhouse
co-founder, gim's saucery

Welly Kwok is a serial entrepreneur and a “foodie” at heart. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia but chose to venture into the food business in 2011 by opening Howdy Grillhouse, a casual dining restaurant specializing in grilled food and ribs. 10 years on, the company is looking into expanding to other Malaysian cities. Their second Kuching outlet has just been launched recently and they are set to open their first outlet in Indonesia in 2022.

Seeing the growth of F&B industry in Kuching especially in the HORECA sector, he decided to start a condiment manufacturing company that is now serving hundreds of restaurants and cafes around Kuching, Sibu, and Bintulu. Gim’s Saucery, as the company is called, retails its signature brown sugar syrup in most of the supermarkets in Kuching as well as through online marketplace.

Although being deeply involved in the F&B industry, he does not lose sight of his passion in the multimedia industry, he cofounded Paper Plane Studio, a video production company with a few film makers. He had occasionally gave talks in schools and colleges in the hope that his sharing can inspired many more successful entrepreneurs in the future.